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What Should I Know about my Teen ?

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What Should I Know about my Teen ?

  • ISBN papier : 9782896191444
  • ISBN PDF : 9782896193837
  • 2009 - 60 pages
  • What is meant by "adolescence identity crisis"
  • Do young people today become sexually active too soon ?
  • Should we take it for granted that our teen knows about adequate sexual protection ?
  • What can we do if our teen becomes pregnant ?
  • Can we help our teens recover their motivation at school ? If, so, how ?
  • Is it normal for our teenager to spend a lot of time at the computer ?
  • Is there anyting we can do if we don't like our teenager's group of friends ?
  • In case of parental separation, is it preferable for teens to live with one parent rather than the other ?
  • What are we to think of the tattoo and body-piercing trends that have been adopted by so many teens ?
  • Some teenagers suffer from anxiety or depression. What exactly does this mean ? What can we do to help ?
  • ... and many other questions !

Relations parents-adolescents, Adolescence