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With Dads Around, Kids are Sound - Father's Manual

With Dads Around, Kids are Sound - Father's Manual

  • ISBN papier : 9782921858786
  • 1999 - 216 pages

A child needs his father to take active part in his education. However, we are living in times where the social and family values have undergone vast changes, and because of this, fathers find it difficult to define their proper role in a child's life.

This manual, containing various exercises and things to consider, is meant to be a guide for all fathers, for those who are part of a self-help group, as well as for those who want to pursue their own learning process in becoming a better father. Its goal is to help them reflect upon their role as fathers and to improve their relationships with their children.

The manual contains self-evaluation questionnaires, elements to consider, and exercises pertaining to each of the nine subjects discussed.

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