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My Child's Development

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My Child's Development

  • ISBN papier : 9782896191482
  • ISBN PDF : 9782896193769
  • 2009 - 64 pages
  • Should I worry if my child's development does not correspond to the ages given in books ?
  • When will I know if my child is right or left-handed ?
  • Why do 5-to-6 month old babies put their feet in their mouth ?
  • My 12-month-old child does not walk. How can I stimulate him to take his first steps ?
  • My 2 year old yells and get angry when other children approach his toys. How can I help him to share ?
  • Why do 2 year olds have so many temper tantrums ?
  • Is it normal for my 3½ year old to talk to a non-existent friend ?
  • How can I appease my child's fears ?
  • At what age can my child start eating with a fork ?
  • At what age can I safely give my child scissors ?
  • ... and many other questions !

Petite enfance, Développement de l'enfant