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My Child's Sexuality

Version française

My Child's Sexuality

  • ISBN papier : 9782896191499
  • ISBN PDF : 9782896193776
  • 2009 - 76 pages
  • What is the difference between children's sexuality and adult sexuality ?
  • Why do little girls want to be Daddy's princess and boys want to be Mommy's little man ?
  • Why is it "boys with boys and girls with girls" when children are 6-12 years ?
  • My child is "in love"... What should I think and tell my child ?
  • When should I stop taking baths with my child ?
  • What do we do if our child discovers us making love ?
  • When and how should we talk to our child about sex ?
  • How can I protect my child from sexual abuse ?
  • ... and the ones your children ask you.
  • What does it mean to "make love"? What are "sexual relations" ?
  • How are babies made ? How do they come out of the stomach ? Where do they they come out ?
  • ... and many other questions !

Éducation sexuelle, Développement psychosexuel, Sexualité